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Treebook is an interactive tree inventory solution focused on communicating tree species, maintenance decisions, biodiversity scores to the stakeholders of green infrastructure.

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Arboriculture is fieldwork and arborists are obliged to have a means of recording important tree- and client-related details on the field. However, it might be inconvenient to carry around a notebook or even to write stuff down on the phone due to lack of memory, and no dedicated notepad to record things neatly and handily.

Treebook is one such app, which allows to create tree records with dedicated sections on the tree, which is being surveyed, its exact location, maintenance work to be performed, and client data. This way you will never have to search for information about a particular tree again, as everything will be in one place. You will also have the ability to sort the recorded data by all the aforementioned properties. Your data will be kept in the cloud, thus, you will be able to access it either from a mobile device, or from a computer.

Exact tree location

With hundreds of trees every year to be worked on, to pinpoint the exact location of the tree being inspected for future endeavors is very important. Only writing down the address of a client is not always helpful, as sometimes trees are located in distant locations or not all from many trees require attention.

By using Galileo global navigation satellite system, Treebook accurately records tree location and allows you to find that particular tree in no time. No more wasting time and energy wandering around the neighborhood in search of the next work object.

Reminders to visit trees

Tree health, as well as tree bracing, are supposed to be inspected every couple of years to prevent tree or branches failure. Many times a client forgets to call the arborist for check up, and an arborist – a busy person – is also not a memory stick.

Treebook offers an ability to set reminders for the next inspection of trees and tree bracing. Now you will never forget to check up on trees, and will ensure a safe living environment for your community.

Social network of trees

Many times arborists have to work on trees, which have been maintained by somebody else. Tree care is something you plan years ahead, and without the notes of the previous arborist, it is often difficult to imagine, what the maintenance vision for that tree was.

Treebook is the first app to give free access to the data on any tree, which was recorded on it. Being able to see the history of a tree will allow you to understand why certain decisions have been made in the past, and help make informed decisions on upcoming maintenance. Knowledge is power and so is sharing it for the better and healthier future of our trees and environment.

Powered by Galileo

To make the most of what Treebook offers, your device must support Galileo global navigation satellite system to determine location of trees.

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